Hey, just a reminder I’m not posting here anymore. You’ll need to come to for new stuff!!

I’m Moving!!

Ok, we  as a family are not moving, but my blog is!  I bought a domain for my blog and have been working for like a week getting it all pretty and stuff. What does that mean for this blog? That means I will be deleting it probably by week’s end. What does that mean for … More I’m Moving!!

Autumn Kids Art

Yesterday was the first day of autumn. YAY!!! I love fall. It was rainy here most of the day yesterday so the kiddos couldn’t go out and play. But we did something fun anyway after they were done with their schoolwork. Art!! We drew some scarecrows, outlined them with a Sharpie marker. Colored some parts in … More Autumn Kids Art

Raising a Caterpillar

String Bean’s best buddy has had a pretty neat hobby this last summer. It involves one of these little dudes. If you couldn’t tell from my blog title. It’s about raising a caterpillar. String Bean’s buddy lives kind of in an area like ours, a bit on the outskirts of town. They found a couple … More Raising a Caterpillar