Another Trip to South Dakota

The boys and I went on another trip to South Dakota last week.

We went with Grandma Newman and it was a fun trip.

We left Minnesota on early on Monday, well early for the boys, and made it to Rapid City in the late afternoon.

For those who know my youngest son, he does not do well in-car trips. Ever since he was a baby it was a chore to keep him happy even for a 10 minute drive to the grocery store. So I had to come up with some ideas to keep him entertained the entire 8-10 hours we were on the road. I had been talking to my good friend Mrs. P about going out there and she mentioned that she had a portable DVD player that I could borrow, and that was a godsend. The kids watched a couple of movies out there and back to keep them occupied and not fighting.

watching a movie in the car.
watching a movie in the car.

Grandma Newman also had brought along some CDs called Adventures in Odyssey , we listened to a couple of those on the way as well, they have some really good stories and they teach kids, and well, adults some very valuable lessons.

I also found a printable on one of the blogs I follow before we left and I thought it was perfect timing since we were leaving on a road trip


I only used the license plate game out of the printable pages she offered. I thought the countdown would have been fun to do but I wasn’t that prepared crafty-wise for this trip.



I had one for myself because I knew he would get bored with it after a while and want to do something else. It was kind of fun to walk around the rest stops with our clipboard and mark off ones we hadn’t seen yet. We got all but 9 states…pretty impressive I’d say. I’m sure if we went out to Mt. Rushmore we would have seen more.

Having lunch in Chamberlin
Having lunch in Chamberlin
touching the bear hide/skin
touching the bear hide/skin



One of the places we went to see was Storybrook Island. It’s a neat little place filled with characters from fairy tales to Disney movies. The kids had a good time running around and climbing on things with their cousins.





Jacob on his choo-choo ride
Turbo on his choo-choo ride




For any of you that has been to Rapid City, you probably know that there are bronze statues in downtown Rapid, we had planned on riding the Trolley Ride but we were too early for it, so we walked around downtown and checked out these statues.

Luke and Jacob with John Adams
String Bean and Turbo with John Adams


And one of the nights, well actually two of them, we went swimming in the hotel we stayed at and invited the cousins to come out.

the two little ones hanging out with Grandma


I think they had fun swimming, it was hard to get my little monkey out of the water, I think we have a swimmer on our hands.


There are so many things to do out in Rapid that we just didn’t have time for it all. There’s always next time!




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